I thought I'd get started with an introduction. Hi, I'm Ben (TheRealBenSmith on the internet.) Nice to meet you!

It's all a work in progress...

From the code powering this blog to my career to my personal life, everything is a work in progress. Just like most projects you'll find bugs in all of these and I'll check stackoverflow to see if there are any easy fixes.

My Personal Life

I'm a son to two, a brother to six, an uncle to 4, a husband to 1 and a father to 1. I've got hobbies and opinions which I am sure to elaborate on later.


I'm a co-founder and product guy who wants to make life easier people who work in operations at business the world over. You Ops folks know who you are, bear with me and I'll see what I can do. I've got a great team of co-founders and we've got great investors and great employees and we're strapped in for the ride.

And finally, the Code

If you run into issues reading this blog, good for you! Looking for a job in QA? The platform here is a work in progress that is really more of an exercise than a product. I like to write code and play with servers but as the company grows I move further away from the codebase so I need to keep in shape somehow. I also like the premise behind Material Design so this is also an exercise in coding for design and usability standards. Thanks in advance for bearing with any issues.